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“Sifting antiquity’s dustbin” since 1990, Arthur Nash’s clients include the ‘National Museum of Crime & Punishment’ in Washington D.C., co-founded by TV crime-buster John Walsh, and the City of Las Vegas’s ‘Museum of Law Enforcement & Organized Crime’, aka “The MOB Museum”. His library of archival photography has been sampled by researchers, documentary filmmakers, the Discovery, History and Biography channels, respectively.

In the late 1990s, Nash began re-investigating the multiple homicide confessions of a mentally ill man facing the State of Florida ’s electric chair. Argued in the highest courts, Nash’s jarring new proof of innocence failed to halt the execution but his secretly audiotaped interview with a notorious jailhouse informant revealed that other wrongly convicted defendants – one of them since exonerated – were languishing in prison. He currently lives at the landmark Hotel Chelsea in NYC.

Photo by Wolfgang Wesener
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